French resource director Dôm Finance has gained the store boutique Diamant Bleu Gestion in an activity planned for expanding the administrator’s advantages for €1.8bn, as per the French budgetary distribution NewsManagers.

The securing got administrative endorsements from the French controller AMF toward the start of July.

The arrangement will see the prime supporter and CEO of Diamant Bleu Gestion Christian Jimenez joining the Dôm Finance group as co-CEO, answering to CEO Vincent Priou.

Jimenez set up the advantage the board firm Diamant Bleu Gestion in 2008 nearby Hugues Le Maire, who withdrew the gathering not long ago in February. French resource chief La Française possesses a 15% stake in the gathering through its member Next AM.

Before propelling Diamant Bleu in 2008, Jimenez was the CFO at Ecureuil Vie. He recently held different positions at Caisse d’Espargne, Eulia, CNCE, and BNP Paribas in the wake of having begun his vocation at the Banque de France in 1984.