Asuka From WWE Has Started Her Own Gaming YouTube Channel And It’s Great!


Aficionados of Asuka from WWE will be glad to realize that she has opened her very own gaming YouTube channel called KanaChanTV. The principal video is of Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch and Asuka unquestionably has some genuine abilities.

On the off chance that you are not a supporter of Asuka, she is a well known wrestler in WWE at present and seems, by all accounts, to be a significant skilled gamer with it.

The reason her channel is called KanaChanTV is likely in light of the fact that Asuka’s genuine name is Kanako Urai and she here and there passes by the name Kana.

Anyway, her first video is very great (demonstrated as follows) as she figures out how to finish a level in Super Mario Maker 2 that has a 1.13% freedom rate.

Asuka utilizes a blend of English and Japanese in the video, so you ought to have the option to pursue her fairly upbeat critique.

Taking into account how intense a large number of these levels are in Super Mario Maker 2, I am intrigued that Asuka had the option to finish something so testing.

While I have a to some degree unnatural interest with shows like Game Center CX, where its host Shinya Arino needs to finish great and troublesome games, having Asuka accomplish something comparable has basically ensured my membership.

As an aside, on the off chance that you are at all keen on some truly noteworthy playthroughs of great Japanese arcade games, at that point I recommend you look at Replay Burners. They have a gigantic library of recordings, of which many need to been believed to be accepted (truly, I am seeing you Image Fight).


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