Niko Partners: China’s digital gaming market will reach $ 33 billion by end of 2019


It will be a decent year for China’s two biggest gaming organizations. So far as that is concerned, it will be a decent year for the majority of the nation’s computerized gaming market. Before the part of the arrangement, may reach $33 billion.

This is as per Niko Partners, a gaming consultancy represent considerable authority in the Asian market. The firm investigated the market’s income in the primary portion of the year and made a gauge for the remainder of 2019.

As per their report, after the lifting of the game permitting solidify, the Chinese gaming industry is rapidly recouping. Since December, 1,240 games have been authorized in China from both neighborhood and outside studios. It is anticipated that in 2019 the income crosswise over PC and portable will develop by 7.3% year-on-year.

The report centers around Tencent and NetEase. All things considered, these mammoths represent 70% of the gaming income in China.

General details

The all out income from Tencent and NetEase games for the initial a half year added up to $ 11 billion. This is 8.6% over a year back.

Over this period, the versatile income of the two organizations developed by 13.4%. The PC income, despite what might be expected, declined by 0.1%.

Before the year’s over, the conjecture for portable income is sure. It can indicate development of 18.3%. The PC income will diminish significantly more, by 4%.


In the principal half of the year, the organization’s gaming salary came to $ 7.8 billion, which is 3.4% more than in a similar time of 2018.

Tencent did not quickly bounce back at home after the authorizing stop was lifted. In the principal quarter of the year, it just discharged one game. However, in the subsequent quarter, the organization got 14 games authorized and propelled 10 new titles.

Tencent had couple of new PC titles, so the income in this portion declined.

One of Tencent’s biggest new items is Game for Peace (otherwise called Peacekeeper Elite). Presently its DAU is 50 million players. The game’s income has surpassed $600 million since May.

Another new title, Let’s Hunt Monsters, as of late broke the $50 million imprint.


The gaming income in the principal half of the year was $ 3.2 billion. Contrasted with the primary portion of 2018, there was a 23.7% development.

Since December, NetEase has gotten 10 licenses to discharge games in China.

In contrast to Tencent, NetEase is seeing its PC income develop. The organization continues propelling new games, however in particular, it’s refreshing the inheritance titles. The last was the principle driver behind the income development.

A noteworthy pay is produced in China by the new titles including Invincible, Identity V, Onmyoji. The last mentioned, incidentally, was the top earning title on iOS this year (once more, on account of updates).

More than a half year, the organization likewise propelled a few new games abroad and went into associations with real brands like Marvel and Pokémon.


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